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As much as I wished for the happiness of one, someone else must be equally cursed.
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Oh tears ,

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I won’t ever be his, the time has passed, he doesn’t care, he’s broken my heart. A touch of his skin and I am weak again, my heroin … My fix… My addiction… But like a rag iam thrown away… Dirty and scared I’m not seeing any better days. It hurts to be with you it kills me to be without you. Why can’t we meet again? Why can’t we try again, this time be mine and I will be yours….this time be just mine….. Laugh with me, dance with me, escape with me, make love with only me…. Trace the contours of my spine with your fingers as we lay in bed…. Let me laugh and let me cry and hold me tight while I do both tonight…. A million miles apart…. A battle to the death we could face…. Yet there would always be a place in our sanctuary for you and us to escape…..

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I have..

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lol why do i even try??